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Here are some examples of where Royal will transport you
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Dental Appointments
  • To receive Dialysis Services
  • Slide
    We have a solid Background
  • Stretcher and wheelchair assistance.
  • Specialty assistance.
  • Covid-19: See what Royal is doing to safeguard our patients and crew.

    Royal Transportation That Work Like You Do

    Superior Customer Service

    Service is everything to us. We do what it takes to solve problems, and reset the standard of the industry.

    Best in class timeliness

    We pride ourselves on picking up our passengers on-time.The passenger is picked up and dropped off on schedule.


    Our safety first culture ensures the best experience for our passengers, drivers, and family members.

    Our Transportation



    Passengers who do not require a wheelchair or stretcher.


    Passengers who require the use a wheelchair to or from a vehicle.


    The use of a two man crew is required to transport a passenger on a stretcher.

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