Royal Transportation is committed to the safety and health of all our passengers and crew. Given the coronavirus’s unfortunate spread, we recognize the need for extra vigilance and care for the safety of our rider’s and staff. We continuously adapt and review our Covid-19 policy and procedures according to the latest government guidelines. All of our driver’s are required to wear facial coving and sanitize the vehicle after each rider.
  • We maintain a stringent cleaning protocol of our vehicles, with increased cleaning in high contact areas and direct-contact areas.
  • The interior of our vans are cleaned continuously and sterilized with an approved disinfectant.
  • Where possible and safe to do so, we ensure our vehicles’ windows are open to promote continuous airflow and circulation.
  • These protocols are repeated after each use and/or as needed.
We Will Always Work To That High Standard And Look Forward To Safely And Conveniently Transporting Passengers Through Our Wide Range Of Transportation Services Safely.